Free And Helpful Meditation Applications For Inner Peace

Listed below are five accessible and useful apps that you can use for guiding you through your meditation applications needs.

Free And Helpful Meditation Applications For Inner Peace

For some people, taking time out from noise or using the day for meditation can be unattainable at first. But if you are facing instances of your days when you can not focus at all, practicing or trying out mediation applications can help you be relaxed and calm when going through these. Meditation will bring lots of benefits to you and your overall health.

If you are recently trying to balance everything, work, school, schedules, and all the things that can be stressful to you, meditation applications can help your mind be trained to maximize your capabilities and potential fully. Here listed below are five accessible and useful apps that you can use for guiding you through your meditation applications needs.


Aura is a beautiful meditation app with features including nature music, stories, and meditations for a day to day basis. The features that come with it can be customized to fit what you are currently feeling to give you proper relaxation services. Mood tracking and examining patterns are also features that Aura provides for users when they are stressed out.

Using this application, you can have a variety of reminders that you can set through your day. The placed reminders will prompt or alert you to take a few breaks and breath for a relaxed mind when you are on a hectic day. Aura promises clients to be stress-free in three minutes. If you ever feel like you need to take a break, grab your phone, and open this app.

Insight Timer

Some applications give free trials that users can use for a short amount of days, but Insight timer is an app that is fully open for people to use. This app has a five-star rating and over 200,000 client reviews on the app stores. It has loaded with guided sessions for meditation that is pre-recorded for users to follow through meditating times.

Insight Timer has a progress keeper that will enable people to keep track of progress and can earn kinds of badges for successfully used time for meditation. All the sessions are guided and made by professional yoga instructors and experts of mental health. Here, professionals and experts highly lead you, causing it to be the best application for relaxation.


If you prefer to meditate with guidance or with teachers rather than doing self-study or self-guidance, then this meditating application is the right one for you. Omvana will act as your teacher for your meditational needs and to keep you more mindful of things. It guides you in every step to reach a relaxed mind, including the goal of your meditational journey.

If by means of managing levels of stress, anxiety, and insomnia, Omvana will help you with their techniques to help you sleep peacefully, manage your anxiety attacks, and gives you a stress-free life ahead. A sixty-minute meditation video will guide you throughout your journey. Omvana will also give you challenges that you might want to try and take.


Calm is an application that only offers sessions that are both short and long videos for guidance. Meaning to say it gives you options whether to choose meditations for a short time range or a longer one. The Calm application could be the perfect option for you to take since it also offers meditation that ranges from three to twenty-five minutes.

There are also options here in the Calm application for anxiety, inner peace, and mindfulness, which are voice-covered by the voices of famous people. Sound to sleep are also available; these include the sounds of nature that you can listen to whenever and wherever you want. This application can help you manage your way of breathing if you happen to have a hard time.


Sattva can make you set your goals in the application so that you can track whether you are making progress towards your goal or not. They offer mediational guidance that starts with a six-minute video. Music, chants, mantras, and pure sounds are some of the features Sattva can provide you. 

Sattva is free for everyone so that people can access their features whenever they need to relax or be calm throughout the day. Sattva will help you with your meditation needs by giving you guiding sessions that will guarantee your effectiveness and things that you can apply in real-life situations.


Before, meditation things are in face to face or one on one sessions. But as the years go by, developers have come up with meditation applications for people that can be used through devices. Meditation apps make people more engaged in inner peace than going for all the noise surrounding them. 

These applications listed above are helpful tools that are free and can be used to places that you prefer. Meditating applications will help you go through your day if you experience mixed feelings or feel imbalanced in life.