Meditation is the practice of deep concentration of mind. Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Evidence of the practice can be found throughout history in many different religions and different places of world. People use alcohol, smoking and other narcotics to relax their minds, these medicines for instance suspended their consciousness but in long these practices are dangerous. These days American psychological Doctors in Esalen Institute California, doing therapy of mental and emotionally ill patients with the help of meditation who are not treat-able with formal medications. Harvard Medical School discovered that meditation counteracts the effects of the sympathetic nervous system-the system that gives humans desire to fight or flee in any conflict situation. It cures the addicts of sedatives and narcotics.

Its method is that a person closes his eyes and tries to free his mind from all types of thoughts and concentrate on a point. Free your mind means don’t engage you in any thought. Its best time is after mid-night and before sun rise. Its time ranges from 15 minutes to hours. 15-20 minutes is ideal for beginning.

Meditation improves: blood flow, immunity, vision, lipid profile, mental power, cardiac activity, red blood cells and provide mental satisfaction to patient.

Science confirms that meditation keep us healthy, help to prevent multiple diseases, makes us  happier, and improves our performance in any task, physical or mental. In order to experience most of these benefits we need to practice meditation daily.