Resistance band, Why It's Important To Have Healthy Life Style

Healthy, During lockdown, a lot of people turned to following home workouts and sellers reported a spike in sale of workout accessories.

Resistance band, Why It's Important To Have Healthy Life Style

Here is why it is important

Left with no choice, workout enthusiasts had to create a mini gym at home. But one of the accessories often goes unnoticed is resistance band, a seemingly Healthy simple elastic band that has multiple benefits.

From triceps to biceps, abs to lats, you can perform different kinds of exercises using this elastic rubber, which is available in various widths. Here are 5 reasons why you must try the resistance band at least once.

​Healthy, It helps you to work on almost every muscle groupYou might have to use different types of equipment in the gym to train different muscle groups. But with one resistance band, you can train almost all the important muscle groups of your body. These bands are available in different thickness, which you can include in your workout routine for increasing the difficulty level. The thicker the band’s width, the harder it is to stretch it.

The chances of getting injured are less

Fitness experts suggest that training with elastic bands sometimes provide greater muscle activity as compared to weight training. Moreover, the bands put less amount of pressure on your joints, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Training with resistance band is good for people dealing with any kind of joint problems or soreness.

You can add variation

With dumbbells and barbells, you can only do some limited exercises targetting specific muscle groups. But by using a resistance band in different ways like vertically and horizontally, you can add variation in your fitness routine. It can be used to train your leg muscles as well as your back or arm muscles.

​It is affordable

Healthy, If you like to workout in the comfort of your home then rather than spending a fortune on different types of gym equipment just buy resistant bands. You can get them in different thickness for challenging different muscle groups of your body. It is affordable, easy to handle and can be stored anywhere in your home. You can also carry them while travelling.

​Suitable for everyone

Whether you are a rookie in the world of fitness or a seasoned trainer, resistance bands are suitable for all. You can work with a resistance band as per your fitness level. Resistance bands are also good for training when you are injured and cannot work with heavy pieces of equipment.

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