during EA Play 2020, Electronic Arts and BioWare seemingly revealed our first look at Dragon Age 4, or more specifically, the next installment in the Dragon Age series running on next-gen hardware.

Essentially confirming the game will be a PS5 and Xbox Series X release, which in turn casts doubt on it releasing on PS4 and Xbox One. And of course, it’s safe to assume it’s coming to PC as well.

The first look at the game came during the end of EA Play 2020, when EA revealed a sizzle-reel of the next-gen projects it has in the works. During this was a sneak-peak at the next-gen work BioWare is doing, and while EA doesn’t outright say it’s Dragon Age 4, it’s unclear what else it could be. Not only did it talk about the footage in the context of “next-gen” fantasy, but it looked very much like a new Dragon Age game. It certainly wasn’t sci-fi, which rules out Mass Effect, and if it’s not Mass Effect, it has to be Dragon Age simply by process of elimination.

Unfortunately, our first look at the game is also a very short look. There’s no gameplay, characters, or anything beyond some really impressive footage of various environments. That said, you can check out this first look via the video below (45:30 – 45:43):

Beyond this quick teaser, EA and BioWare showed and said nothing about the game, which is still a few years away at this point. And as you can see, this new teaser doesn’t reveal anything salient. The game is rumored to be set in Tevinter Imperium, but nothing shown today confirms this.

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