Aubrey Edwards Confirms She’s Working On AEW’s Video Game

Referee Aubrey Edwards has many talents, including a background in video games, and now she’s using her past career to help develop AEW’s first video game.

Aubrey Edwards Confirms She’s Working On AEW’s Video Game

In an appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Aubrey edwards confirmed an AEW game is in the development stage and she’s one of the people working on it. “We’re very, very early on. There’s a lot of things that we’re talking about,” she revealed.

Aubrey edwards has the title of Project Coordinator, and it’s not without merit. Prior to her career in wrestling, she worked for 10 years in the gaming industry for companies like Nintendo and XBOX.

She said she’s even been collaborating with Kenny Omega on ideas and the two have the fans in mind, first and foremost. “It really comes down to what people want, like Create-A-Characters are really important because people like having that creativity aspect or if there’s a character that’s not in the game, people want to create it,” she said.

Furthermore, she has an appreciation for why video games and professional wrestling offer much of the same experience. “People like to be in charge of their own universe and that’s the thing I really enjoy about making video games,” she explained. “It’s unlike any other media. A lot like wrestling, where it’s escapism but interactive. It’s like going to a movie but you’re controlling what the actors are doing.”

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