Aubrey Edwards Confirms She’s Working On AEW’s Video Game

Referee Aubrey Edwards has many talents, including a background in video games, and now she’s using her past career to help develop AEW’s first video game.

Aubrey Edwards Confirms She’s Working On AEW’s Video Game

Aubrey Edwards, known for her prowess in the wrestling ring, is proving to be a multifaceted talent as she brings her background in video games to the forefront of All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) latest venture: their inaugural video game.

In a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Aubrey Edwards excitedly disclosed that the development of an AEW video game is well underway, with herself playing a pivotal role in its creation. Holding the title of Project Coordinator, Edwards’ involvement is deeply rooted in her decade-long experience in the gaming industry, having previously lent her skills to industry giants such as Nintendo and Xbox.

With the project still in its infancy, Edwards expressed enthusiasm for the collaborative process, noting that discussions abound regarding various aspects of the game. She emphasized her close collaboration with wrestling superstar Kenny Omega, underscoring their shared commitment to prioritizing the desires of fans. “We’re very, very early on. There are a lot of things that we’re talking about,” she remarked.

Drawing parallels between the immersive experiences of video games and professional wrestling, Edwards highlighted the importance of empowering players to craft their own narratives within the game. Reflecting on her gaming background, she stressed the significance of features like Create-A-Characters, recognizing the innate desire among players to express their creativity and bring unique personas to life within the game’s universe.

Furthermore, Edwards eloquently articulated the symbiotic relationship between the interactive nature of video games and the captivating drama of professional wrestling. “People like to be in charge of their own universe, and that’s the thing I really enjoy about making video games,” she elucidated. “It’s unlike any other media. It’s a lot like wrestling, where it’s escapism but interactive. It’s like going to a movie, but you’re controlling what the actors are doing.”

As AEW ventures into the realm of video games, Aubrey Edwards stands as a driving force, infusing her passion for gaming and wrestling to create an immersive experience that resonates with fans on a profound level. With her expertise and dedication, the forthcoming AEW game promises to deliver an unforgettable fusion of athleticism and interactive entertainment, inviting players to step into the ring and make their mark on the world of professional wrestling.

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