Ayesha Omar name started trending number one on social media after appearing in virtual fashion show

Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar is often criticized for wearing the latest fashions and this time too she is facing criticism for promoting wedding dresses in a virtual fashion show

Ayesha Omar name started trending number one on social media after appearing in virtual fashion show

Pakistan’s first virtual fashion show recently concluded, with the fashion industry paying tribute to the doctors and medical staff who competed with Corona on the front lines.

Various actresses including models also participated in the virtual fashion show including Ayesha Omar.

Ayesha Omar, while promoting the wedding dresses of designer Shehla Chittoor at the virtual fashion show, wore a Kamadani lehenga choli on which she also wore a mask adorned with jewels.

Ayesha Omar posted a few photos of herself wearing a wedding mask on Instagram, a photo-sharing app that drew mixed reactions.

Some of the actress’s fans praised her, while others started trending her name hashtag number one on social media.

Where is the tribute in this fashion show written by a public page? If anyone sees it, let them know.

A fan named Asma Aziz asked how the front line workers will benefit from this virtual fashion show. Did you make it free? Will all the funds received be given to the medical staff?

When a fan named Ashfaq expressed his anger and said that this epidemic is due to people like you, please adopt Islamic teachings now … Masks have also become fashionable.

Similarly, a user named Mirza Daniel also expressed his surprise and repented for wearing a mask.

While a fan named Usman mockingly said that this work is correct, both style and mask.

A fan named Saman called the actress an over-acting queen.

It should be noted that face mask has been made mandatory to prevent corona virus. In such cases, fashion designers are preferring the fashion of matching mask to wear it on different outfits.

Earlier, actress Aiza Khan also posed for a photo shoot on Instagram wearing a matching mask with a red dress.