Chemistry teacher who put make-shift ‘awakening’ arrangement for online classes

Chemistry teacher don’t have tripod, she made a make-shift arrangement, or so called made ‘jugaar’ to facilitate students

Chemistry teacher who put make-shift 'awakening' arrangement for online classes

Lockdown continues around the world in the wake of the global epidemic Coronavirus, with some countries not allowing educational institutions to open despite easing, in which case an Indian teacher wakes up a mobile phone for online classes. Installed in such a way that Internet users could not live without their definition.

The education sector has been hit the hardest by the global epidemic, with both teachers and students facing new challenges day by day using the option of online classes.

Momita B, a chemistry teacher from Pune, India, shared a video on LinkedIn, a website used for business and job creation, and said, “They have a try.” There is no pod in which they can set up their mobile phone and give lectures to the children, that is why they have taken this initiative to take online classes from home.

A video shared by Momita B on her LinkedIn account shows how she wrapped the mobile handset in a clothes hanger, and used the roof and a chair to adjust the hanger. It is hung in the middle of the room so that when children write on the board with chalk to explain, the puppies can easily see them and the board at the same time as they are accustomed to seeing in the classroom.

A screenshot of her video was shared on Twitter by a social media user, after which Momita B’s sincere move is being highly appreciated by social media users.

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