BTS’ Jungkook goes viral globally once again, this time by non-fans Locals took it to social media asking people to Stan Jungkook

Recently, K-Pop Stans took it to themselves to abolish White Supremacists hashtags, BTS’ Jungkook goes viral globally once again, fighting to bury racist propaganda and elevate the voices of Black Lives Matter. 

Late Sunday afternoon, a different tweet urged K-pop fans to download the iWatch Dallas app and flood it with “fancams,” clips of Korean stars performing that often focus on a single band member — and are omnipresent on Twitter. It has now been retweeted about 40,000 times and has received more than 100,000 likes.

Two hours later, Dallas police tweeted “Due to technical difficulties iWatch Dallas app will be down temporarily.”

On the app store, the app has suddenly amassed more than 4,000 ratings along with reviews, most of which are negative.

Their work has been well appreciated by media and locals, and they didn’t fail to give a special mention to Jungkook when summing up the power of kpop stans.

Besides if we search in twitter ‘Stan Jungkook’, the result shows us all tweets filled with locals.

Here is a collection of locals asking people to ‘stan Jungkook’, BTS Main vocalist.

Yahoo News went further to say that Jungkook turns locals into Kpop fans, “A quick Twitter search for ‘Jungkook,’ a member of K-Pop band BTS returns thousands of fan accounts.” – The sentence alone shows how relevant and powerful Jungkook is that people just can’t stop talking about him. 

No wonder Jeon  is called “The Face of Kpop” because he is the Most Popular Korean Idol to non-Kpop fans.

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