Pakistani Aerospace engineer, Sarah Qureshi, envisions to make aviation sustainable in Pakistan.

Pakistani Aerospace engineer, Sarah Qureshi, envisions to make aviation sustainable in Pakistan. This young female scientist is on a mission to save planet Earth by reviving the aviation industry with her immense passion for aviation, care for the environment, experience of flying.

Sarah is considered as a trendsetter for women in Pakistan. She is on her way in developing the world’s first contrail-free aircraft engine to reduce aviation induced global warming and make air travel environmentally safe. She aims to solve a problem no one else is addressing at the moment. She even launched a video in which she, herself, demonstrated the science stuff of her new invention and answered all the “Hows”, ” Whats” and “Whys”.

“The climate challenge for aviation in the atmosphere is huge and the industry is aware of the problem. At Aero Engine Craft, we are devoted to offering a solution to save the planet by reducing aviation’s climate impact due to contrails,” Qureshi’s words.

Sarah believes her invention can reduce the impact of aircraft pollution due to contrails, which we hardly notice. “Our invention is a turbomachinery which can be fitted onto an engine to separate out the water vapor of the exhaust emissions and contain it on the aircraft to be released before landing to reduce global warming,” she said.

Qureshi yearns for making an aerospace company in Pakistan. She developed the engineering model and simulated the design of the engine in Pakistan as part of her Ph.D. research project. The company received seed money on equity funding from Karandaaz Pakistan.

Here the question arises that can Sarah’s invention revolutionize Pakistan’s aviation industry? Her own words speak the answer to this question:

 “If we can build it locally and become self-sufficient in this technology, Pakistan would become one of the very few countries in the world that develops aircraft engines,” affirms Dr. Qureshi. “Besides, Pakistan would be offering the world a solution to problem of climate change” to help attain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “The government should encourage public-private partnerships to efficiently and optimally use the resources and expertise that already exists.”

She strongly emphasize the necessity of women in the field she is following. She believes that family can be very supportive in raising their daughters to not fear to dream big and make it happen. Therefore, she urged and encouraged more women to step in the field of aerospace and aviation to touch the skies and lift the status of the country.