Coronavirus in chicken is just a bogus information: Pakistan Poultry Association

PPA made a statement said, bogus information sparks fear in Pakistan about coronavirus in chicken, its misleading, false and baseless.

Coronavirus in chicken is just a bogus information: Pakistan Poultry Association

The Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) vigorously criticizes this baseless propaganda against Poultry Goods and explains that the rumor is fake and baseless. The SARS-Cov-2 Novel coronavirus has not been found in Chicken anywhere in the country nor in the world. Poultry has not been reported to be involved in the transmission Covid-19 to humans so far in any part of the world.

“All the rumours being spread or circulated on social media in this regard are absolutely wrong and baseless,” the association’s northern region vice chairman, Chaudhry Fargham, told journalists during a press conference.

There have not been any reports so far confirming chicken’s involvement in transmission of coronavirus and poultry has not been found involved in transmission of coronavirus disease to humans. 

The PPA has expressed concerns over the rumors of chicken carrying coronavirus and termed them false and baseless. It condemned the “baseless propaganda”, stating that people should continue consuming chicken and other poultry products without any fear.

Earlier in a statement by Central Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association Dr. Muhammad Aslam has already stated that the chicken being sold all across Pakistan is safe for consumption in all aspects and its use is beneficial for health. He termed all the information being floated through social media as baseless and concocted.

Coronavirus has not been reported in any chicken product in any part of the country. Besides, poultry has not been reported to be linked with transmission of the virus to humans in any part of the world.

Told by the association’s office-bearers, Mr Fargham said the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (Livestock Wing) and Poultry Research Institute Punjab had also refuted this “baseless propaganda” through official notifications, which have been published in the media. He pointed out that poultry sector was one of the most organised sectors of the agro-based industry.

Therefore, chicken meat is healthful, nutritious, and innocuous for the customers, he assured.