VC Quaid-e-Azam University directed deans to prepare SOP for online classes

Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali directed the deans of university to prepare standard operating procedure (SOP) for their faculties for online classes.

VC Quaid-e-Azam University directed deans to prepare SOP for online classes

Deans will hold regular online meetings with their directors/chairperson/faculty and will guide and monitor all activities to ensure faculty is ready for online classes when needed.

The decision related to preparing SOP for online classes was taken in a meeting held at the QAU presided over by the VC and also attended by the deans, chairpersons and senior officials through video link.

According to the sources, it was decided in the meeting that chairperson /directors will ask their faculty members to start preparing online lectures (video/audio/notes) and each faculty member will experiment conducting online classes with their students couple of time in the coming week.

Chairperson/directors will submit their reports to their respective deans in the light of feedback received from faculty members.

All the chairpersons/directors are requested to provide feedback for online classes in a documented form so that an effective and comprehensive policy maybe laid down for teaching to start on June 01 at QAU.

It was also decided that the online viva of MPhil/PhD studens will be held under certain guidelines and it will be ensured that students, at least three faculty members including chairperson/directors, external examiners and the Higher education Commission (HEC) representatives are present on an online viva-voce exam. the PhD students are also allowed for Pre-PhD seminar online.

Cases of PhD studens, which are complete after foreign referees’ evaluation, may be processed online to be placed in the AS&RB. All online exams will be recorded with proper documentation, they informed about the meeting details.

QAU will reopen in next week with skeleton staff to run its affairs. It is highly desirable that the staff residing in the university colony is called on duty.