Covid-19 rising quickly among medical staff due to shortage of PPEs

Medical staffs are the front line to fight against the Covid-19 falling sick due to shortage of personal protective equipment (PPEs).

Covid-19 rising quickly among medical staff due to shortage of PPEs

Doctors, nurses and paramedics across South Asia wear bin bags and raincoats to protect against Covid-19 in majority of hospitals. Shortages of PPEs have been reported worldwide, leading even the richest countries rush to equip their front line medical staff with masks and gloves.

Currently medical centers not only treating the effected patients but also place for spreading the Covid-19 due to lack of PPEs in hospitals.

Doctors, nurses and paramedics informed media that the significant numbers of their colleagues were falling sick as PPEs like masks, gloves and gowns were supply in limited quantity. Moreover, doctors who have complained in public about the lack of kit have been warned.

Doctors stated that “the people working here in are living in fear, they worry they get the virus”. So many doctors are getting it, because they are treating patients day in and out and we don’t know whether they are Covid-19 positive.

Research has shown that health workers are particularly at risk not only because of their exposure, but because their close proximity.

 President of the Young Doctor’s Association in Pakistan Dr Salman Haseeb Chaudary said worst hit province, Punjab, said more than 30 doctors, nurses and paramedics had tested positive in his province, though true numbers were thought to be higher.

The overall PPE kit, the cost is increasing day-to-day. Private hospitals are managing to get them right now but government  hospitals do not have adequate supplies.