UET-FSD campus manufactures anti bacterial face masks

The Faisalabad campus of University of Engineering and Technology (UET-FSD campus) department of textile engineering has manufactured cost and performance effective anti bacterial face masks to combat Coronavirus.

UET-FSD campus manufactures anti bacterial face masks

The project was led by Chairman Dr Muhammad Mohsin of textile engineering department (UET-FSD campus) and other members included Mr Shakeel and Imran Shahid.

Anti bacterial face masks were produced with specific polypropylene non-woven fabric as per the recommendation of World Health Organization (WHO).

The key properties of the face mask include air permeability, thickness, tensile strength, water repellency, tear strength and microscopic analysis as per international standards and the mask has the three pleats for comfort and better fitting.

All the development and testing steps of the whole project were carried out at the state-of-the-art lab facilities of UET textile department. The entire team worked tirelessly on this project despite holidays at the university and completed the project in record eight days.

However, the cost of mask per piece is approximately Rs9, which is extremely low as compared to current price of five to nine times for similar face mask quality but without additional vital anti-microbial performance.

Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar said that UET had contributed to the country’s development and willing to support the government of Pakistan in developing cost and performance effective bio based anti-bacterial face masks.