Softbeat giving free IT services to Govt of Pakistan for COVID-19

Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic situation in a country has affected the economy adversely so far. In view of the whole scenario, Softbeat has decided to give back to the community when it is most needed.

Softbeat giving free IT services to Govt of Pakistan for COVID-19

In this regard, following the vision of Chairman Softbeat Mr. Sajjad Akbar Malik & the team has decided to give 100% free IT services to the Government of Pakistan for fighting against the COVID-19 in a country.

The government has supported and contributed at a massive level to strengthen the IT industry up till now, so we believe that this is the accurate time to give back to the country with full unity and support from all of us that our government required in this Pandemic situation.

The whole Softbeat team is with the Government of Pakistan at this curtail moment to fight against the global pandemic. We believe that now and whenever our people and country need us, we will keep serving the mission of strengthening the economy at our best and will keep striving to be the world’s best company.

The impact of COVID-19 at the domestic and international level has locked down communities into isolated environments, making the entire world go into Digital Incubation Ecosystems. The work from home has led to an increase in all levels of digital consumption across all over the world.