IT industry in Pakistan needs more experts and research

IT industry in Pakistan has the potential to expand even more in the future as it is mounting day by day vigorously. Information Technology sector is concerning as the most successful sector of the Pakistan’s economy and can get higher to the fore by accommodating more young talented skilled people and more research in the domain of IT industry.

IT industry in Pakistan needs more experts and research

Technology transformed the country’s development gradually, and was opening up new path for all, and many of Pakistani young talented were specializing in different aspects of the IT industry and being supported by the government.

Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi organized an event career fair 2018 for the students to access job opportunities and gain IT-knowledge to prosper ahead.

Pakistan was ranked in the top five countries that had the best professional freelancers. It is a great pleasure for the country to be allied with this initiative of the Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi (DCS-KU), which is geared towards the promotion of new technologies and job opportunities for the fresher’s.

The world had become a global village due to the occurrence of globalization and scientific growth and development. In this regard, a job-oriented curriculum and degrees had become pivotal due to the modern trends of the industry and the markets.

The IT industry in Pakistan needs more research; we need more people to come in the field of research and invention so Pakistan can compete with other countries with regards to IT sector. We are living in times where basic knowledge of computer science is required everywhere.

We have many talented developers and IT professionals in Pakistan, but there are not enough IT-related products in the market. I will encourage my students to work on producing products that go out in the international market as Pakistani products.

IT industry provided a platform for students to enter the professional life, and afterwards their skills were the deciding factor. Pakistani students were highly talented and competent, and they just needed direction and guidance to groom.

The government aims to increase productivity in the public sector, improve the standards of IT infrastructure in the country and use it as a management tool for the promotion of good governance and made the IT industry of Pakistan the leading IT sector worldwide.