Telenor Pakistan is ensuring seamless connectivity during the hard times of coronavirus fight and to keep intact the socioeconomic fabric of the nation.

Telenor Pak positive for seamless connectivity in challenges
By Ammar Muzaffer

We live in a world which is dependent greatly on technology. In contemporary times, mankind’s socioeconomic needs are also assisted by technology. Digital communication due to modern technology has indeed revolutionized the way humans conduct their daily routine.

Mobile and cellular services are at the core of this digital ecosystem since they provide a gateway to connectivity, information, services and opportunities.

Currently we are fighting a pandemic which has disrupted regular routines and forced us to practice social distancing, self-quarantine and resort to work from home.

There was a need to keep the country’s economic cycle running by ensuring business connectivity and through technology’s support, we were able to shift gears to completely different routines.

Along with it, humans being a social-animal needs to stay in touch with their loved ones and then came the need to socialize. We are relying even more on digital communications to have some sort of social life, even if it means on the digital landscape.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted social order in across the globe, as well as in Pakistan. However, to make sure that during these pressing times, the citizens of Pakistan remain connected, aware and empowered, Telenor Pakistan has taken practical measures.

Telenor Pakistan positive to ensure seamless connectivity that will make the network remains up and running without any disruptions. These measures are aimed at preserving the digital communication network of the people so that they can remain in contact with their friends and family, as the government urges on physical social distancing.

The technology teams at Telenor Pakistan have reshaped their working methodologies to adapt to these challenging times while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the employees.

The employees of Telenor Pakistan are working to ensure the best services are being provided to the users and they get seamless connectivity, during these difficult times.

Since the start of this pandemic, risk assessment has been critical to prepare for multiple scenarios that may arise. Due to extensive risk assessment and timely preparedness, Telenor Pakistan is ready to take appropriate measures.

The efforts of Telenor Pakistan included guidelines with relevant logistics to ensure field operations remain up and running without any hindrance.

Even now, the regional teams carry out daily risk assessment of the network including any potential threats, blockage or risk associated with any node in the network.

The field teams of Telenor Pakistan are responsible for maintaining the network infrastructure. They are well equipped with the safety tools and preventative measures to continue their mission towards providing seamless connectivity while adhering to safety guidelines during field visits.

Since there is increased need for remote monitoring, employees have been provided with backup laptops, regional NOCs and secure VPN credentials to make sure the network is up and running at all times.

The teams stay connected throughout the day for better synergy and coordination, while using smart tools like web-ex communication to ensure all required tasks are done efficiently and timely.

At Telenor Pakistan, contingency plans and disaster management protocols are in place, for various unforeseen circumstances that might arise. The product and back-end support teams stay online to ensure the issues are addressed timely and effectively.

These are unique efforts made by Telenor Pakistan team, that is dedicated to provide best services to its customers, and this effort is rooted in the work ethic and philosophy of the company.

Telenor Pakistan is aware of its national duty to keep the citizens connected, aware and informed. Hence, they have ensured that the network remains operational while keeping the digital communication systems intact.

Telenor Pakistan is not only playing its role for public awareness campaign against this pandemic, but is also taking practical steps to ensure uninterrupted digital communication network to keep intact the socioeconomic fabric of the nation.