Digital inclusion without considering education

One of Pakistan’s leading telecommunications providers Jazz has launched Jazz Digit 4G enabled smart feature phone for customers across the country.  

Digital inclusion without considering educationThe launch is in line with Jazz’s commitment for introducing affordable phone for Pakistan customers especially Youth and reduce digital divide prevailing in our society.

Jazz Digit 4G becomes the most affordable smart feature phone on the global market, at a down payment of just PKR 1800 (USD 11*). This phone will be a game changer for the local feature phone market in Pakistan.

The device supports popular smartphone applications such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp etc along with other notable features.

Officials of Jazz said that approximately 90 million mobile users in Pakistan cannot afford to use smart phones or lack in access of internet connectivity. So Jazz introduce Jazz Digit 4G to target those customers who cannot afford to enjoy internet services on their phones.

Here question arises that Jazz provides all well equipped apps in feature phone especially related to entertainment but cannot introduced any app or feature to promote literacy rate in Pakistan.

Our literacy rate has decreased to 56% from the previous 60% which is an alarming situation for the state. We emphasized on the need to make the youth educated. 

Education is the only means of moving forward. Progress and development of any nation entirely depends on this necessary tool. Education alone can help Pakistan address its grave issues such as poverty, unemployment and others.

So, it is high time for government and digital giants to take fruitful action to bring drastic improvements in literacy rates in Pakistan.