Coronavirus is eradicated from human body in 15 to 20 days

Regardless of non-availability of vaccination to counter novel Coronavirus has been developed yet, risks are high that a patient may get better or cure within 15 to 20 days from the contagious disease.

Coronavirus is eradicated from human body in 15 to 20 daysProfessor Dr Abid Azhar from University of Karachi said during a seminar who is also the Director General of Dr AQ Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (KIBGE) at KU.

19 Pakistanis have been verified positive for COVID-19 up till now.  15 of them belong to Sindh, 3 to Gilgit-Baltistan and 1 to Balochistan. One patient has already completely recovered and was discharged from the hospital in Karachi last week.

Dr Azhar briefed the session, held at the KU, about the mortality rate of COVID-19 and compared the mysterious viral pneumonia-like disease caused by the novel coronavirus with different deadly diseases and disasters that have arisen in the past.

He stated that more than 115,000 people around the globe have been affected with the Coronavirus while over 4,000 people have died. However, diarrhoea, plague, measles and influenza all together have killed between 300 to 500 million people, whereas 30 million people annually die due to various different diseases.

He said that relatively Pakistan has least number of patients affected from the contagious disease, therefore there is no need to panic for us.

While addressing the listeners Associate professor Dr Saima Saleem said that novel coronavirus will not tolerate even an hour in the hot weather. I wonder why some people spread rumours to create panic in the society.

She added that the virus does not spread from animals, thus there is no harm in consuming/eating any type of meat.

She went on to say that it is recommended to take preventive measures which include washing of hands repeatedly with sanitizers, eating hygienic food and avoid meeting affected people to avoid contracting with the contagious disease.

Furthermore, all educational institutions in Sindh and Balochistan have been closed till 13th March over concern of the contagious disease’s outbreak.

The mysterious COVID-19 virus, which invented in a vet market of the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, has since then spread to more than 110 countries of the world, killing over 4,000 and infecting over 115,000 people, mostly in China thus far.

But new outbreaks in Europe, the Middle East and in Asia have fanned fears of the contagion taking hold in poor nations that lack the healthcare infrastructure to cope.

There are rising fears in Pakistan which became sandwiched between China and Iran, both hotspots for the disease over how the country would deal with the outbreak.