Advancement of ethanol for progressive influences on energy security

The Embassy of Brazil organized a seminar “Sustainable Mobility: Ethanol Talks Pakistan” in partnership with PSMA (Pakistan Sugar Mills Association), the Brazilian Government, and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), UNICA (The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association), and APLA (Brazil´s Ethanol Cluster) at Serena Hotel in Islamabad.

Advancement of ethanol for progressive influences on energy securityObjective of the seminar is to endorse ethanol as a cutting-edge and sustainable choice for mobility, capable of producing instant positive impacts on energy security, health, saving of local air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The embassy gives cooperation, transferring the Brazilian experience on ethanol and working with counterparts in Pakistan to detect where and how this experience would be applicable, or adapted when needed.

The seminar presented top Brazilian experts, who came to Pakistan to contribute in the event and shared insights about the 45-year Brazilian experience on production and utilization of ethanol and how this experience could value Pakistan at least partially, some of its most serious problems such as balance of payments; energy resources; and environmental pollution.

The seminar was attended by dignitaries and distinguished speakers from Brazil and Pakistan which includes Abdul Razak Dawood, Adviser to Prime Minister on Industries and Production; Sitara Ayaz, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change; Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan, CEO of Alternate Energy Development Board; Iskander Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association KPK Zone; Olyntho Vieira, Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan and many other senior representatives.

The Brazilians experts who participated in the Seminar included Flavio Bettarello, Deputy Secretary for Trade and International Relations, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply; Dr. Evandro Gussi, President and CEO, UNICA; Mr. Flavio Castellari, Executive Director, APLA; Dr. Plinio Nastari, President, DATAGRO & Civil Society Representative at Brazil’s National Council on Energy Policy (CNPE); Dr. Gonçalo Pereira, Professor, UNICAMP (University of Campinas); Pedro Mizutani, President of the Board of Directors CTC, Board Member Cosan and UNICA; Marcio Felix, Former Secretary Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels, Ministry of Mines and Energy; Ricardo Abreu, Former Technical Director, MAHLE Metal Leve; Eduardo Leão, Executive Director, UNICA and Dr. Paulo Afonso de Andre, Professor, USP (University of São Paulo).

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