Best Secure Email You Should Try Right Now

Security is one of the most important issues while you are communicating online. Its significance even grows if we speak about business correspondence or other important emails that include communication about money, business strategies or partnerships, for example. Choose the best secure email service for you and be sure that no leak of your privacy is possible.

Best Secure Email You Should Try Right Now

Utopia (desktop only, free)

Utopia’s service uMail is a fantastic alternative to a classic email provider. It has all the necessary functions of sending all types of info. The best part is that email service is only a part of a secure ecosystem, which Utopia is. You just need to download a desktop app and you get a secure mailbox, messenger, chat, e-wallet and an Internet browser.

  • Complete end-to-end encryption by default;
  • A decentralized and peer-to-peer system that doesn’t store your private data anywhere;
  • Not only secure emailing but several privacy tools in one application;
  • Anonymous registration;
  • Free and no ads.

Runbox (web-based, paid from 1.66$ per month; has a free trial)

Runbox Mail Manager is a private email tool based in Norway, so all your personal information is protected by Norwegian privacy laws. The service is easy to start using as all your contacts from other emailing systems can be quickly transferred to your new Runbox account. Plus, the company offers complete email, domain, and web-hosting services too.

  • Encryption is implemented to all letters by default;
  • No viruses, no spam letter, no ads;
  • Protection by Norwegian legislation;
  • The system works on green power.

Posteo (web-based, paid from 1€ per month)

Posteo is one of the best email providers, based in Germany. The service offers also a private calendar and an address book, supports anonymous payments via PayPal or bank transfer. There is no free version, but the price isn’t high, only 1€ per month with 2 GB of storage which can be upgraded.

  • End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication;
  • Encryption can be implemented also to saved data;
  • Ad-free and user-friendly interface;
  • Anonymous registration, anonymous payments.

Fastmail (mobile and tablet apps, web-based, paid from $3/month; has a free 30 days trial)

Another secure email provider is Fastmail. In addition to a private mailbox, this service also provides users such functions as calendars, contacts, notes, and file sharing. Fastmail encrypts data, protects from tracking, spam, and phishing attacks; saves a list of attempts to log in to your account and supports full data backups (so it stores your data and doesn’t delete it immediately).

  • World-class physical data centers;
  • Irreversible password hashing, two-factor authentication;
  • No ads, no spam, no tracking;
  • Additional services like calendar and notes;
  • An opportunity to customize your domain in address:

Mailfence (web-based and mobile versions, free and paid (from 2,50 € per month)

The technology of encryption in the Mailfence mailbox is built on Open PGP and it is provided by default. Your letters can be marked with your unique digital signature which makes it impossible for anyone to steal your identity. Mailbox prevents interception and falsification during any data exchange due to Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS).

  • Default encryption and a lot of security features;
  • Additional functionality is available: calendar, contacts, private documents;
  • Anti-spam, ad-free, no tracking, available blacklists;
  • Integrated Keystore and unique digital signature;
  • Different services are available at different prices.

Final word: To keep yourself safe from annoying ads, overfilled spam folders, phishing attacks, tracking, data leak, and online identity theft you have to use a secure email provider. If you are searching for a web-based version, choose Runbox or Posteo; Mailfence and Fastmail are good solutions for mobiles and tablets; Utopia is the best secure email service for a desktop computer.