Top-3 Encrypted Chats that Worth Installing

Internet users still think that chats, texts and media shared via successful messengers like Telegram or WhatsApp are secured and never observed. Nevertheless, this idea is a huge misapprehension. The point is, social media and apps can legitimately use personal data performed in-app for gaining income, generating ads, supporting governmental investigations. These issues are the reason for increased privacy-consciousness and cybersecurity.

Current encryption methods have shifted into the initial approach to protect data on the web. Encrypted messengers, web searchers, wallets, and various services are becoming the central focus of the security-aimed audience. Let’s investigate the 3 reliable and encrypted messengers must-have for online safety!

3 Proven encrypted chats of this year

#1 Utopia

Utopia chats

uMessenger is an opt-in chat room and one of the tools of the Utopia P2P environment. The network is end-to-end encoded and unites must-have toolkit for communication. Thus, within Utopia, users have access to encrypted mailing services, domestic browsers, crypto-based financial centers, and Mining bot. Utopia offers generous rewards – you receive as many tokens as many minutes you stay online. Some crucial benefits:

1. Excellent encryption. Utopia employs cutting-edge and proven mechanism – swift Elliptic cryptography and 256-bit AES. The algorithm is the most protected that people can use by now. All in-house operations, transactions, and file storage are guarded with encryption.

2. Anonymity. The actual identities of users are always in secret. Anonymity is ensured as you will never be required to attach your mobile, email, submit an ID, etc. Members even don’t need to create a username – Utopia generates specific, and secure personal key users have for the entire life.

3. Decentralization. The central data storage or a server is not existing. This organization improves protection because sided trespassers can’t hack a server. The interactions across Utopia are 100% P2P and can’t be reached even by the developers.

4. Simple mining. The embedded Mining instrument allows you to get rewarded by tokens for the time spent online. To capitalize while communicating, activate the Minin tool on the settings menu.

Utopia messenger provides users with funny games and sticker packs apart from safety and functionality. Set it up for free and appreciate it!


e-chat encryption

E-chat is an Etherium-based messaging tool you can use for free. The messenger issues tokens that promote in-app activities and interactions between users. Moreover, the embedded wallet functions for extra than domestic operations so that the tool is really multi-useful and worth registering.

This chat room shows a five-star execution owing to the default encryption of voice connections, including many members or so-called conferences. The protected group conference can contain as many as 10 members. This trait makes E-chat an excellent solution for business communication. Furthermore, users can pick the way of interaction – they can use whether a basic call or activate video connection. The design and functions are easy and convenient.

Additionally, E-chat spurs the contribution of media and distributing it within the platform. It encourages those influencers who are sharing useful texts and news, interesting visuals. This community compensates the content generation in domestic and exchangeable tokens. Primarily, you can profit when simply adding Instagram and Snapchat similar Stories called Moments. The point is alternatively to useless likes; other users praise you with real money or crypto. Download E-chat and set in aside to communicate and interact safely and globally!

#3 Dust

dust encrypted chat

Dust is protected by encryption chatting app, supporting the feature of crypto coins issuing and their distribution within the platform. When using this messenger, you’ll obtain assets for useful actions; further, you can assign tokens to other users. The chatting room pays off for support of the content production. Thus, Dusters who are inputting genuine images, text content, narratives that are useful for the community, they get a commission. At the same time, the messenger devs may penalize members who are breaching the in-house rules. Precisely, the rate of tokes will rise for these participants as a matter of discipline. As you can find, bonuses, content, and rules are transforming this communication tool into a solid community rather than the merely encoded chat.

The interaction correlates to the Snapchat process. Texts, media files, and other content disappear right after an object has viewed it already. Beneficially, that this messenger is app-agnostic, which is exceptional and convenient. What does this characteristic involve? You can communicate with users notwithstanding of what messenger they run. Imagine, you can text from Dust to Telegram and other popular chats. Furthermore, Dust members get acquainted in the case a receiver screenshots the chat window.


Eventually, after digging into different reliable chats of 2020, you can avoid global surveillance and hacking. Remember to add to your secure toolkit other cyber protection instruments such as VPNs, encrypted browsers, and email. By doing this, you protect your data and assets on the web!

This post is written by technology writer Matthew Turner.