Jafferjees: Best travel accessories brand in Pakistan

One of the finest leather product brands in Pakistan, with a history dating back to the late 1920s. Jafferjees has maintained a reputation for nearly a century.

Jafferjees: Best travel accessories brand in PakistanOriginating in the city of Quetta, the brand moved to Karachi after their business sustained a huge amount of damage in the Quetta earthquake of 1935. Even before this specific brand, the family was in this business, maintaining its reputation by keeping a focus on the quality of produce and product.

Among the many different products they produce, Jafferjees have a range of items that are especially useful for people who travel. With various strollers for quick trips, or as a supplement to one’s checked in luggage. There are different design options regarding the pockets and compartments, allowing one to pick the one that suits their packing preferences.

Another important item is the tie-case; ties being made of silk often get easily damaged in a tightly packed suitcase. The tie-case allows one to neatly pack their ties into it and keeps them protected. There are also lesser chances of them getting creased or bent out of shape.

They produce the toiletry case or shaving kit too. A lot of times people have toiletries that could leak, a case for these items is important. If something did leak into one’s clothes it would be quite inconvenient. Jafferjees caters to this segment with a few different options, variations in design and size.  

For the protection of one’s laptop or iPad, they have sleeves which come with straps. In comparison to a laptop bag, this is a lot sleeker, making it easier to cart around when one is rushing at an airport or bus terminal. Even the iPad sleeve has a strap so one can carry it on their shoulder, making it convenient.

Often when travelling one tends to carry more documents and cash than usual. To make a travellers journey simpler Jafferjees also make passport covers and travel wallets. The passport cover is a good addition as one can place their vital document in a protected case, also making it a more specific place so it is easier to remember. Their travel wallets are larger, with extra room for any credit or debit cards. One’s ticket could also fit into it, especially since today most tickets are printed on paper.

Aside from these products, there are also a collection of various bags. With options that include cross strap bags, backpacks and duffle bags. One can choose depending on their need or comfort, not everyone likes to carry a duffle bag and some do not like the discomfort cross strap bag causes over a longer time. In which case a backpack wold serve one better. The sizes vary too, so one can decide depending on how many things they need to pack into a bag that is on their person. These bags make it convenient to store items one may need during their travel, instead of having to carry too many things in one’s pocket.

Jafferjees has covered most of the travel accessories needed, for a seasoned traveller or someone who travels once in a while. The products will care for your needs. Making the travel process easier and efficient. Given that their products are made from leather they are durable.

A requirement for travel as ones things take more damage in transit. The functional is needed but the style is also important and Jafferjees makes sure their products have good design and a quality finish. With many different colour options for everyone to choose from. So one isn’t just travelling at ease but is looking good doing it too.