Senior tech leaders from Careem & Sendoso spoke in RubyConf Pakistan 2020

RubyConf Pakistan 2020 recently organized its first ever workshop in Lahore and speakers’ meetup which included speakers from Careem and Sendoso.

Senior tech leaders from Careem & Sendoso spoke in RubyConf Pakistan 2020Senior tech leaders such as Junaid Chaudhry, Senior Director of Engineering at Careem Pakistan, Qaseem Sheikh, CTO Sendoso and Muhammad Rizwan, Ruby on Rails (ROR) expert, Sendoso were participated in the workshop.

Junaid Chaudhry talked about his experience working on storage systems that support scale, performance, and reliability requirements of the largest ride hailing service globally in workshop.

He closed his talk by presenting a storage abstraction developed by his previous team. This abstraction provides a hassle free interface to storage systems while solving multiple business problems in a centralized location to avoid duplication of effort in the future.

Both Careem, the internet platform of the Greater Middle East, and Sendoso, the world’s first sending platform, have been working in Pakistan to help build the developer ecosystem in the country, and events like RubyConf Pakistan help in accelerating their efforts by bringing the larger developer community together for a common purpose.

Careem has step up plans to build its engineering capacity in the region through the establishment of a new tech hub in Pakistan, in addition to the engineering pool working in UAE and Germany.

Establishment of a new tech hub will help bring Careem one step closer to their vision of developing a Super App in the region, combining all aspects of a consumer’s world from transport, deliveries and payments on a single app.