Mysterious toxic gas escaped at Kemari port affected numerous residents

Mysterious toxic gas escaped at Kemari port affected the residents of area, eventually claiming 14 lives and leaving scores in hospital in critical condition.

Mysterious toxic gas escaped at Kemari port affected numerous residentsSindh Health Department officially declared soybean dust as the reason behind the incidents in Kemari, in which many people lost their lives and hospitalised due to respiratory issues.

Sindh Health Department stated that soybean dust is more dangerous for asthma patients and caution people to use masks and ensure cleanliness.

According to a report gathered by the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) at Karachi University that an aeroallergen from soybean dust was found in the blood samples collected from the people, who died after the suspected gas leakage in the Keamari area.

A high level meeting was held in the wake of tragic Kemari Incidentin Karachi with Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi and Provincial Minister for Local Government Sindh Nasir Hussain Shah.

The meeting expressed grief over the loss of precious lives and situation which badly affected more than two hundred residents of Keamari and its adjacent areas.

A committee was formed to probe into the matter further for ascertaining the root cause and determine the reasons for the incident.

Global Environmental Labs (GEL) in its initial report claims that the air in the port area of Kemari has registered an extraordinary increase in the amount of sulfur dioxide presence which is a pungent corrosive gas that arises predominantly from the burning of coal or crude oil in power plants and from factories that produce chemicals, paper, or fuel. The lab discovered that the normal ranges of the chemical present in the air are around 120 percent which had been bumped up to a whopping 1420 percent since the incident was first reported.