Smart technology exhibition in Rawalpindi starts today organizes by RCCI

The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) organize a two-day “Smart Technology Exhibition” held in Rawalpindi from starting from 3rd February 2020.

Smart technology exhibition in Rawalpindi starts today organizes by RCCIThe main purpose of the Smart Technology Exhibition is to promote innovative technology smart solutions. The exhibition would be held at a local hotel in Rawalpindi.

Renowned IT companies and institutes from across Pakistan would exhibit their products at Smart Technology Exhibition in Rawalpindi.

RCCI President Saboor Malik informed that the major aim of this expo was to encourage the business community to be aware of the latest trends and promote the use of advanced technology in promoting trade.

He further said that there was a need to raise awareness about the use of modern technology in Pakistan and facilitate customers and encourage Pakistani IT companies.

He added that we have to equip us to meet the future challenges of technology and this is the right time to get latest information on Robotics, Business Automation, Smart Health Solutions, e-logistics and 3D Technologies.

The RCCI president further added that in Pakistan the IT industry had a great potential and urged the government to provide favourable environment for the promotion of IT in different sectors including banking (e-banking), medicine (telemedicine) and manufacturing (e-designing).

He informed that the IT sector offered huge potential for local companies to join hands with multinational companies with the increase of internet penetration in Pakistan.