Need of BioMedical and medical laboratory technologists in Pakistan

BioMedical and Medical Laboratory Technologists career can be huge challenge if you do not know how to honor a life by respecting fields of diagnosis and healthcare.

Need of BioMedical and medical laboratory technologists in PakistanA technologist is a person who applies scientific knowledge, skill, method and procedure to solve practical problems and achieve targets. Technologists are experts in their respective field on the basis of their subject area or responsibilities.

This article stimulates a comprehensive look at multiplicative need and importance of BioMedical and Medical Laboratory Technologists in Pakistan, and also focus on how they are essential for health system on the basis of their intellect.

As Medical Laboratory Technologists are scientist who perform complex biological, chemical, immunologic, hematological tests and analysis diverse body fluids to apply their knowledge and evidence for practical use to solve major health issues. And, BioMedical Technologies manage the performance of the equipment and provide recommendation and supervision in the selection of medical equipment respectively.

Pakistan is a developing country facing the massive health challenges. It is identified as one of the country with highest prevalence of both communicable and non-communicable disease. Pakistan’s health system is also very disappointing and failed to provide healthcare services to the nation which deals major diseases for instance, polio, hepatitis, HIV, malaria, dengue, diabetes etc. and, many other infections and syndromes.

Factually, the correct diagnosis is the initial route that goes towards the correct treatment and improved health outcome. With increasing growth of localized and systemic diseases e.g. tropical and sub-tropical infections, cancer, stroke, trauma, diabetes, heart diseases and blood pressure requires greater need to diagnose appropriately through laboratory techniques. Therefore, a medical laboratory technologist fulfil such needs who can help to optimize health by applying practical investigates to promote the use of different techniques that can detect abnormal cells, cancerous tissues, activity of enzymes, hormones, and identification of  DNA markers for inherited disorders.

Moreover, there are enormous healthcare challenges in Pakistan and these challenges are growing rapidly with the advancement of technology. For instance, changing way of diagnosis and treatment (BioMedical Engineering), methods of transplantation (Cell and Tissue Engineering), sampling, sequencing, measuring the length of the process (Genetic Engineering) etc.

Accordingly, qualified medical laboratory technologist can not only address these changes and challenges in skillful manners but also, help in the mission of improving and promoting good health in the future with having creative ideas for future upcoming technologies that would be very helpful to provide significant care and facilitate better treatment. In Pakistan, improvement of healthcare system is very difficult with cumulative population but, our healthcare providers especially technologist are working hard within available resources and facilities. In this regard their contribution cannot be neglected.

On the contrary, Pakistan has been internationally renowned for its successful efforts in defense technology industry. There is also a growing need of industry that address the healthcare challenges of country, because local problems require local solutions. Medical Laboratory Technology or BioMedical Technology is rapidly growing industry and has an enormous potential to spread more in the future. However, any technology always accelerate by a technologist so it is not wrong to say, there is very momentous and prominent need of Medical Laboratory and BioMedical Technologists in Pakistan to facilitate healthcare challenges of country.

Correspondingly, the panorama, demand and supply of BioMedical and Medical Laboratory Technologists will persist with growing ailments. As the healthcare issues becomes more deeply implanted into our lives it is expected that we are going to face a future of increased unhealthy conditions. If policymakers will not give proper attention to health matters, may cause further healthcare problems in Pakistan. Effective policies are required to address healthcare challenges which depend on how much Government of Pakistan (GoP) promotes BioMedical and Lab Technology profession that respond to healthcare challenges.

In Pakistan, BioMedical and Medical Laboratory Technology programs must be spread more at universities, medical colleges and academic institutions to address healthcare challenges that can produce expert technologist. Similarly, medical laboratories, either attached with government hospitals, research and development (R&D) institutions or independent are equipped with sophisticated devices, apparatus, and medical appliances and tools that can only be operated by expert technologist who has skill and knowledge.

As a result, improving health of the population should be immediate priority of Government of Pakistan (GoP) with increased focus on the ratio of BioMedical and Medical Laboratory Technologists. To achieve this target, the government, industry, and academia will have to work jointly to provide supportive environment to keep these fields grow and sustain more. Since, BioMedical and Medical Laboratory Technologists not only have profound skills and intense curiosity to perform different examinations and laboratory procedures, when surgeons and physicians require evidence-based practice, but also provide satisfactory results that help to treat the patient fairly and sincerely.

By Afnan Mughal

B.S (Medical Laboratory Technology) student at University of Sindh, Jamshoro.