Government provide economical options of renewable energy in Pakistan

Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan said that Pakistan encompassed high-quality options of renewable energy for providing economical energy to the household and industry for sustainable development in the country.

Government provide economical options of renewable energy in PakistanMuhammad Jehanzeb Khan addressed at launching ceremony of the national action plan and investment prospects on talk on “Sustainable Energy For All” (SE for ALL) jointly organized by Planning Commission and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Pakistan.

He stated that “Pakistan has a great opportunity to transform its energy systems by improving energy efficiency and incorporating more renewable energy into its mix by 2030”.

He said that Solar would be huge source of economic energy and the country can process solar energy not only for house hold but also for industrial use through renewable energy in summer days.

He informed that the government was committed for providing cheap energy through different option and long, short and medium term strategy had been evolved in this regards. Management of power sector was necessary to properly utilize the energy source in the country.

The implementation of this UNDS report will be important to achieve the benefits and self reliance in energy sector.

He emphasized to participation of private sector in the energy sector for growth to achieve the economic development agenda in the country.

Pakistan needed global competitiveness in this sector to enhance the sustainable industrial growth for accomplishing the economic targets. He said that all the stakeholders would join the hands for attaining the economic energy source and sustainable development.

The event highlighted the importance of access to sustainable energy for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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