UVAS arrange awareness seminar on Field Biosafety at Ravi Campus Pattoki

The Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore in partnership with Health Security Partners (HSP) USA arranged 2nd awareness seminar on “Field Biosafety” for final year of  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM) students at Ravi Campus Pattoki.

UVAS arrange awareness seminar on Field Biosafety at Ravi Campus PattokiThe theme of the awareness seminar was to highlight the role of biosafety in mitigating zoonotic risks associated with the field conditions.

UVAS Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Masood Rabbani chaired seminar and delivered an informative lecture on overview of biosafety and bio security issues while addressing zoonotic infections including the roles and responsibilities of veterinarians in ensuring biosafety and bio security.

After comprehensive overview participants were trained on various aspects of biosafety including selection of PPE while handling animals, management of animal body fluids containing pathogens, animal waste management and management of injuries due to animal bite/ animal hit and hand washing in field conditions.

At the end of seminar Prof Dr Masood Rabbani distributed certificates among all the participant, facilitators and resource persons and paid thanks to everyone for the successful event.

The objective of this seminar was to uplift the awareness level and to provide hands on practice opportunity for capacity building of final year DVM students of UVAS to identify the role and impact of biosafety in the field conditions while dealing with different zoonotic diseases and biological specimens.