JSB signed cloud service agreement with Telenor Pakistan

one of the most reputable Information Technology Companies in Pakistan Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited (JBS) signed agreement with the country’s leading cellular services provider, Telenor Pakistan, to resell Alibaba Cloud Services across Pakistan.

JSB signed cloud service agreement with Telenor PakistanPrimarily acquired by Telenor Pakistan, these services will include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Consulting Services, and Managed Services. An MoU for a Reseller Agreement to this effect was signed between JBS and Telenor recently.

The Agreement with Telenor Pakistan enables JBS to achieve that by reselling Alibaba-powered Cloud Services, besides defining the duties and obligations of JBS and Telenor with regard to procedures, marketing, customer service, service charges, and other related matters.

Director and CEO, JBS Veqar ul Islam commenting on the Agreement said that “We look forward to a bright and fruitful future engagement with Telenor Pakistan under this agreement. This is a good opportunity for us to experience various aspects of Cloud Services and who better than Telenor Pakistan to walk us through an insider’s view of the business and uncover new experiences for us”.

He further said “I am sure the agreement will work for us as an upward growth opportunity and further increase our profitability. I expect it to open new revenue streams for us so that we can provide Cloud Services to our customers in a much more confident and competent manner. The added value in this proposition is that because we are partnering with Telenor, we can package solutions with industry-leading products. As the Cloud market continues to soar, we will be well-positioned and in the lead to meet customer demands for managed Cloud Services.”

Chief Business Officer, Telenor Pakistan Haroon Bhatti, expressed his views on the signing, “Being at the forefront of digitalization in the country, Telenor Pakistan is always spearheading innovation and bringing smart solutions for conventional challenges. With our Cloud Service offerings, we are aiming to enable businesses to improve and accomplish their objectives in innovative, secure, and economical ways. We are confident that the partnership will equip our partners to meet business challenges effectively and help address the specific needs of their clients besides promoting Cloud services in the country.”

The agreement is poised to help both partners reach the digital transformation goals that they share. Jaffer Business Systems with its quest to bring the latest and emerging technologies to its customers, and Telenor Pakistan with its leadership role in digital transformation of the country, make for great partners to further develop Pakistan’s digital ecosystem and promote integration of smart solutions for greater business efficiency.