Pakistan start using wind power to produce electricity

Pakistan has contracted mega 6 projects with the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) for built 310-megawatt electricity through wind power projects in Pakistan.

Pakistan start using wind power to produce electricityInvestment in wind power projects amounts to $450 million, of which the IFC is funding $320 million. The projects hope to provide environmentally-friendly and clean energy to the Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was the chief guest at the signing ceremony held in Islamabad. He said “Wind power project has three benefits. It will provide us with cheap electricity and clean energy, and we won’t be using imported fuel for it”.

He added “We hope to achieve 60% of our energy target by 2030 through this project”.

Air will be used to produce electricity in wind power project which means that our power cost will not be dependent on external forces.

PM informed we made expensive power plants that are dependent on imported fuel as a result, whenever the rupee depreciates, our electricity costs increase.

The country went through a difficult year and now things are improving. We are finally on the right path as our current account deficit is decreasing and investor confidence is increasing.

At the end the PM said that The government is constantly thinking about how it can improve the lives of the people of Pakistan.