NARC starts 13 new projects under PM agriculture emergency

Director National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali said NARC has started 13 new projects under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Agriculture Emergency in the country.  The projects will bring many essential changes in agriculture sector.

NARC starts 13 new projects under PM agriculture emergencyHe further said that the NARC was working on projects related to wheat, rice and sugarcane under the Prime Minister Agriculture Emergency. The research on these crops will help our scientists and researchers working in agriculture sector to improve crops production.

NARC has team of highly qualified and skilled researchers who are motivated to start work on the projects with new spirit and thought.

He informed that long size rice demand is growing in the world so we sowed as many as 600 new types of Green Super Rice (GSR) seeds this year in order to increase rice export.

The country atmosphere is suitable for research so it will be done to enhance production of wheat and sugarcane in next year.

Director talked about strawberry production is being done all over the country. As a result, locally produced strawberry is available in markets nationwide at reasonable charges.

He further informed farmers sowed Zaitoon (Olive) crop over 35,000 acres of land. Special factory setup will be established to produce Olive oil from the crop in the next phase.

Director talked about wheat said that NARC has introduced at least six new types of wheat in the past one decade, adding that per acre production of these types are larger than the earlier types.

Scientist of NARC have also introduced four new types of banana that are suitable for production in different parts of Sindh province. They transferred this banana production technology to two private companies in Sindh.

Scientist of NARC are fully motivated to increase potato production in Pakistan. They will help to provide potato seed to farmers as they were importing potato seed from abroad.

Director said that they are also cast fruits and vegetables on mountains like other countries in the world. Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral and Malakand areas are suitable for productions almond, apricot, walnut, pine nuts and other kinds of fruits. He said these productions will increase export of the country.