EU Funded project TAKE-UP start Jan 2020 in Pak

Meeting  held in COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) Lahore Campus to discuss the EU Funded project TAKE-UP (Transforming Academic Knowledge to develop Entrepreneurial Universities in Pakistan) start from January 2020.

EU Funded project TAKE-UP start Jan 2020 in PakDr. Nida Habib Bajwa an entrepreneurship psychologist from University de Saarland (UdS) Germany visited CUI Lahore Campus for meeting.

The meeting chaired by Director CUI Lahore Campus Prof. Dr. Qaiser Abbas, attended by the core team at CUI working for the CUI’s Offices of Research Commercialization (ORICs) and Students Start-up Business Centers.

Earlier in August this year a funding of total of one million Euro was approved for this project through EU Erasmus Program. The Project was in submission by UdS since February this year through intensive interactions with Universities in Pakistan and Europe.

The TAKE-UP Project will provide CUI along with 3 other partner universities in Pakistan named GCU, UoG and LUMS, for a technical and financial assistance of the tune of more than 592,000 Euros (Rs. 101 million) through the EU partner universities.

 The joint implementation of this Project over a period of 3 years shall be enabling CUI as well as other partner Pakistani universities to develop as Innovative Entrepreneurial Universities for  promoting a cultural of entrepreneurship by training the faculty and staff  to motivate graduating  students and researchers  for their  business ideas and sustainable job creating businesses in Pakistan.