FBR 'Income Tax Return' app up by Sept. to ease filing

Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Shabbar Zaidi announced that FBR is launching a mobile application named “Income Tax Return App”  to help people in filing their tax return.

FBR 'Income Tax Return' app up by Sept. to ease filingMember Policy Inland Revenue of FBR Hamid Ateeq, stated that tax return filing mobile app is up and running by next week, it will greatly ease the tax filing process for most of the individuals. 

On the FBR’s website, the recently launched tax returns e-form for businesses and salaried individuals will also be uploaded.

The app is especially designed for the individuals of salaried class to help file their tax returns within minutes without the help of any tax professional through its easy questions based format. 

There will be online tutorials available in the application to guide the filers. Thus, making filing easier and convenient. 

The ultimate aim of filing your income tax return is not only for the purpose of declaring your earnings to the Income Tax Department and paying taxes owing, but it allows you to avail of other benefits, that can be beneficial for you in the short and long-term future.

Keeping the considerations, the last date for filing returns has been extended. The set deadline now is September 30th, 2019.