Rise of the Godzilla Data Economy

After Information Economy, we are now facing a new trend of Data Economy which is very fastly taking over the whole world economy. We are facing the shortages of data in many industries in Pakistan due to lack of focus on the new Economic uprising of Data Economy.

Rise of the Godzilla Data Economy

Author: Badar Sultan Minhas
Researcher Big Data: Health

The economics of data is very sensitive but huge issue just like a depiction of rise of Godzilla in movie from Japan. The rise is also attributed to what humans have done already to their of planet and also powers of the world have never stopped the activities which are expected to be a disaster for whole of the planet at the end of era of post modernism. 

We are witnessing 4th industrial revolution which is expected to give rise to Big Data, its analysis, management, security and and an economy which is seeking perfection whose antecedent is precision and accuracy.
The main demand of the two concepts is from the big tycoon companies of the west seeking bigger market share by the use of technology and media marketing strategies which are giving access of the demand of a need rising in a mind of using the media which keeps sending signals to vendors for the possible demand parameters produced and even capturing real communication signals on the go to have a sale for their companies.
The analysis and manipulation of data for the sake of gaining more strength via sales force dot com and other such e-commerce solutions has it demerits.
The greatest is a digital bubble economy which is more vulnerable because of undermining the power of sophisticated simple spiritualism. The DBE and SSS are both overlapping phenomena due to the change in natural spirits which we used to believe in and trust in for our satisfaction (the ultimate goal of mankind).
The Real God (al mighty once and the only one) is independent and wants the entities to be free, peaceful and independent also to a greater extent; not completely but mostly. However, the godzilla data economists have entrapped the world into a concept which is making them dependent on the data for their survival.
This is partly due to urbanization: the migration of masses from rural to urban areas. This has resulted in sophisticated beliefs of humans on spirit which is simple and peaceful. We are depending mostly on data economy due to lack of mindfulness or belief on the spirit who gave us ample powers to survive in natural environment.
But due to the Godzilla Data phenomenon in urban societies, we are forced by our leaders to live a dependent life even being independent nations all over the world. 
The time demands to realize the importance of spiritualism which is simple but due to current scenario it has to have a bit of sophistication. The sophistication is due to the rise of Titans of the Godzilla Data economy.

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