USAID SMEA completed the digital marketing training

USAID SMEA has successfully completed the Initiative of providing a free 40 hour/5-day training in Digital Marketing & Advertising to build the digital marketing knowledge base and hands-on skills across SMEA industry sectors and improve their yields in digital advertising.

USAID SMEA completed the digital marketing trainingThe initiative done successfully and the first cohort of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) graduated from  USAID, SMEA Digital Marketing & Advertising (DMA) program.

This Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) graduating program is divided into three modules with 5 days (40 hours) of extensive hands on Digital Marketing skills enhancement training, supported by USAID and SMEA program.

The SMEs were not only educated on how Digital Marketing and works, but they were also trained with practical hands-on exercises for the most important skills. The training was free for qualifying SMEs.

Usman Latif a Marcom Technologist, a Digital Marketing Consultant, Growth Hacking, Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing and effective trainer thanked all the SMEs who worked with them.

He stated that, the journey started 8 months ago and in this period, we have trained hundreds of individuals on how Digital Marketing works.

Usman is sure that these SMEs are going to integrate more of the digital technologies for their promotion based on their learning. I am sure that, after this training, they may never rely on their traditional methods of marketing alone.