Flock health monitoring a necessity in poultry

The fourth technical workshop on ‘Flock Health Monitoring in Poultry‘ successfully conducted and organized by the department of Pathology of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), in collaboration with World Poultry Science Association of Pakistan Branch (WPSA).

Flock health monitoring a necessity in poultryThe workshop aimed to address the absolute necessity of monitoring the poultry flock health. A flock health monitoring program major goal is to reduce the production costs by increasing the efficiency of feed utilization and ultimately decreasing the incidence of severe diseases.

Considering this, UVAS Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha highlights the poultry meat and feed misconceptions sets in the mentality of populace.

He elaborated that these are only misconceptions that no steroids are added to poultry feed and accelerated growth of chicken is due to its genetics.

WPSA Secretary General Dr. Khalid Mahmood said that poultry flock monitoring allows producers to optimize the production conditions to obtain maximum efficiency.

He further added that the workshop objective was to strengthen linkages between the WPSA, academia and industry for the promotion of education and research to get to the bottom of problems and challenges facing poultry sector in Pakistan.

Such workshop are necessary for knowledge sharing to augment farm practices, flock health monitoring in poultry and for the enhancement of poultry production.

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