PM reinforce 2 billion grant for research institutions

Prime Minister’s National Task Force on Science and Technology Chairman Professor Atta-ur-Rahman recommended the government to increase the grants for research institutions and also suggest to readjust the total budget of the higher education sector to about 10 billion rupees.

PM reinforce 2 billion grant for research institutionsOn the suggestion of Professor Atta, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has agreed to increase the endowments of research institutes and directed that the additional amount of Rs 2 billion will be distributed by the Planning Ministry in consultation with Prof Atta-ur-Rahman.

As, the Pakistan’s research institutes faced severe problems due to the recent budgetary cuts imposed by the government in view of the present financial constraints.

The additional amount of 2 billion rupees will greatly help to address the immediate financial issues faced by the research institutions for higher education work.

Considering the research constraints, Prof Atta-ur-Rahman has proposed that this readjustment should be carried out by the Planning Ministry in consultation with Higher Education Commission (HEC).

“This has been, in principle, agreed by the Prime Minister and will be discussed by the Planning Ministry with HEC, who will positively cooperate in this move, he believed.”

The development budget cut can be restored later during the year if the monetary space arises.