Islamabad to go plastic free campaign begin at F9 Park

Pakistan was facing serious negative climatic issues. Concerning the need of time the Ministry of Climate Change has announced to make the Capital ‘Islamabad’ a plastic bag free city by Independence Day.

Islamabad to go plastic free campaign  begin at F9 ParkConsidering the initiative, the awareness campaign on alternatives of Polythene bags would begin from the capital city F-9 Park Islamabad in kind cooperation of Technology Times and NCPC under the Ministry of Climate Change.

To free the environment from plastics, Ministry of Climate Change distributed more than 5000 different varieties of alternatives of polythene bags like cotton bags, jute bags and polypropylene bags.

Joint Secretary IC Wing Ministry of Climate Change, Hamad Shamimi chief guest of the campaign focused on plastic and how it disrupts our environment. The Plastic free campaign is designed to raise awareness and promote solutions, he added.

Dr Zaigham Abbas, Ministry of Climate Change (MOCC) cordially gratitude to all true environmentalists who participated in the successful awareness campaign on alternatives of Polythene Bags at F 9 Park.

Dr. Zaigham much appreciated the kind collaboration of Technology Times and NCPC for organizing such campaign to prohibit the use of plastic bags in Islamabad.

As this productive initiative needs strong corporation from every single person to make a healthier environs. Seeing, all the media and public of all ages children, man, women, special child’s etc. fully contributed in the  plastic free walk that promotes and encourage more people.

The concerned committee’s look forward to continue the plastic free campaign in markets, Itwar Bazars, shopping malls, schools, colleges and Universities in ICT.