Winners of Standard Chartered WomenInTech Pakistan

Standard Chartered WomenInTech Programme presents in Pakistan in collaboration with Innoventures Global Pvt Ltd, Pakistan Innovation Foundation and partners.

Winners of Standard Chartered WomenInTech PakistanSC WomenInTech Programme primary objectives is to Identify and support women entrepreneurs or women-led entrepreneurial ventures in Pakistan to build better technology businesses or use technology to accelerate their existing businesses through:

  • pre-seed funding,
  • technology intervention design,
  • capacity building,
  • mentoring, and
  • role-modelling.

Since International Women’s Day in March. 86 Women Founders applied for the SC WomenInTech programme of which 35 or so pitched before 3 regional juries, 20 were selected to become Cohort 1 of the Standard Chartered Sc WomenInTech Programme for Pakistan.

3 months later 18 Women Founders graduated from the Programme and yesterday we crowned the 5 Winners to receive a pre-seed grant and continued mentoring and support from Standard Chartered and Innoventures Global Pvt Ltd to help them scale further.

The FIVE Winners of the Standard Chartered WomenInTech Programme for Pakistan 2029 are as following;

  1. Dot Mind Unlocked
  2. Trashit
  3. ReliveNow 
  4. Plate 101
  5. Closet

These five startups completes all the five stages including Launch and call for application, Regional pitches and selection of cohort, Capacity building and project development, Selection of winners and the last one project execution.

These lucky five startups win upto $10,000 in pre-seed grant to help advance and scale their ventures.