Scientist Dr. Kauser attain 10000 citations milestone

Dr. Kauser Abdulla Malik the top scientists of the world in the field of plant biotechnology and plant-microbe interaction achieved milestones of 10000 citations in his research career . 

Scientist Dr. Kauser attain 10000 citations milestoneDr. Kauser (Fellow of PAS, Distinguished National Professor, HI, SI, TI) a noted agriculture scientist and educationist from Lahore, Pakistan achieved citations milestone that is a proud moment for the country.

Moving towards the admirable research career of Prof. Malik. He started his research career from the Nuclear Institute for Agriculture & Biology.

Later on, act as a founder Director General of the NIBGE. Also appointed as the Chairman of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC). 

Dr Malik served as Member (Biosciences & Administration) of PAEC and subsequently, he was invited to join Pakistan Planning Commission as its member looking after Food and Agriculture economic development. 

Dr. Malik had been involved from the conceptual stage to its operation and developed all the research programs and scientific manpower. In view of his research and management experience, Dr Malik also responsible for coordinating research and development activities related to agriculture in the country.

In addition to the personal achievements, Dr. Kauser A. Malik mentored a large group of next generation scientists, who are serving the nation with zeal and dedication.