Google launched lighter data hungry app ‘Gallery-Go’

Tech giant Google launched its latest Go app – Gallery Go trying to get photo sync and management functions in a lighter and less data-hungry version. Gallery Go comes in just 10MB which is a fraction of the 130MB size of the Google Photos app.

Google launched lighter data hungry app 'Gallery-Go'

Google revealed that Gallery Go is designed to work offline and uses machine learning to automatically organised photos. The company will likely be pushing it as an alternative to Google Photos app for under-powered phones.

“Gallery Go helps first time smartphone owners easily find, edit, and manage photos, without the need for access to high-speed internet or cloud backup”

Gallery Go plays well with SD cards and will allow users to easily copy their photos from phone to memory cards. The app also comes with auto-enhance support, filters, and a number of basic editing options like crop and rotate.

Although Google may be targeting the Android Go devices with Gallery Go, but there are millions of Android users out there with under-powered devices and older versions of Android.

In addition to Gallery Go launch, at the Google for Nigeria event, the company announced the expansion of Bolo to Ghana and Nigeria. Bolo is a speech-based learning app that helps children read in English.

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