Over 1/3 of Dispersed Companies Struggle With IT Infrastructure: Kaspersky

Kaspersky survey: 39% of geo-distributed companies struggle with maintaining cohesive IT infrastructure across multiple sites.

A recent survey by Kaspersky reveals that over one-third (39%) of geographically distributed companies see the maintenance of a cohesive IT infrastructure across multiple sites as their primary concern. Additionally, 23% of businesses identify ensuring comprehensive information protection for all their offices as their most significant challenge.

The Kaspersky report, titled “Managing Geographically Distributed Businesses: Challenges and Solutions,” delves into the network and information security challenges faced by these companies and highlights the strategies they employ to overcome these difficulties.

IT Infrastructure and Security Issues

When it comes to IT infrastructure and information security, 40% of experts highlight incident detection and response as a primary hurdle in managing cybersecurity across multiple locations. Furthermore, more than one-third of the respondents struggle with the effective implementation of security measures (37%) and the establishment of a cohesive security policy (37%).

Other technological challenges mentioned by respondents include:

  • Setting up and integrating new sites into the existing network
  • High costs associated with hiring IT personnel
  • Managing a disparate suite of security management tools
  • Extended recovery times following system failures

Expert Insights

Maxim Kaminsky, Business Development Manager of Secure Access Service Edge at Kaspersky, commented on the findings: “The figures from our research indicate that providing consistent network and information security across multiple geographically dispersed offices is a formidable task for distributed organizations. Local regulations and legislation, varying resources and expertise at corporate headquarters and branch offices, combined with a lack of effective network and cybersecurity tools, place a significant burden on specialists trying to implement and maintain uniform security standards and consistent network configuration.”

Recommended Solutions

To address these challenges, Kaminsky recommends that companies adopt solutions enabling centralized and automated network management, ensuring comprehensive protection for all offices, regardless of their location.

One such solution is Kaspersky SD-WAN, which manages the entire corporate network from a single console. This solution integrates separate communication channels and network functions across companies, facilitating the construction of reliable networks and enabling the connection of new branches with a zero-touch experience.

Additionally, Kaspersky suggests employing centralized and automated solutions such as Kaspersky Next XDR Expert to ensure comprehensive cyber protection of all company assets and processes, both at headquarters and local offices.

Addressing the Challenges

The report underscores the complexity of managing IT infrastructure and information security for geo-distributed companies. Local regulations, differing levels of expertise, and the sheer logistical challenge of maintaining uniform security measures across diverse locations contribute to these difficulties.

To mitigate these issues, businesses are encouraged to:

  • Utilize centralized management tools that offer a unified view and control over the entire network
  • Implement automated solutions to streamline the integration of new sites and reduce the reliance on local IT personnel
  • Invest in comprehensive cybersecurity measures that protect all organizational assets, regardless of their location


The Kaspersky survey highlights the significant challenges faced by geographically distributed businesses in maintaining cohesive IT infrastructure and ensuring robust information security.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, the importance of centralized, automated solutions in overcoming these challenges cannot be overstated. By adopting such strategies, companies can achieve a higher level of security and efficiency, safeguarding their operations against the ever-present threat of cyberattacks.

As organizations continue to expand across regions and continents, the insights provided by the Kaspersky report will be invaluable in guiding their approach to IT and cybersecurity management, ensuring that they remain resilient in the face of evolving threats.