Ministry to initiate crackdown against beauty products

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul announced to initiate crackdown against cosmetics manufacturers’ for excessive mercury use, particularly in skin whitening creams.

Ministry to initiate crackdown against beauty products

Addressing a press conference at PID Islamabad (Press Information Department), she said her ministry had 57 local and imported skin whitening products available on the market tested in collaboration with authentic laboratory.

“Only three brands were found compliant with international standards. The remaining 54 contained excessive amounts of mercury, which is injurious to health. The crackdown on the cosmetics industry will commence after December 31, after the paperwork is completed.”

A number of cosmetic products used extreme amount of mercury for whitening the continued use of these products can cause skin discoloration, organ damage and cancer.

As the use of whitening products has increasingly become popular among women and men too who do so with hope that it would enhance their beauty but ultimately they suffered ill-health effects from using such chemicals. 

These unsafe beauty products are harmful for the health to halt this hazard the cracked down from ministry on cosmetic industries is a good step. Right now the ministry warns the manufactures’ and at the same time creates awareness among the people about the dangers these beauty products pose.