Lecture on Hybrid semiconductor detectors for x-ray Imaging

Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE), Habib University will conduct public lecture on 5th August 2019 concerning on Hybrid Semiconductor Detectors for High Spatial Resolution Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging” at Tariq Rafi Lecture Hall, Habib University.

Lecture on Hybrid semiconductor detectors for x-ray Imaging

The ultimate aim of this phase-contrast X-ray Imaging lecture is to open the possibility of visualizing lower density materials with contrast to magnetic resonance imaging. Seeing the potential, Dr. Karim is going to talk about the world’s highest spatial resolution direct X-ray conversion detector.

The phase contrast X-ray imaging use inefficient scintillator-based detectors, which lead to the need for very high power hybrid X-ray sources making phase contrast difficult to get to for most research and industrial users. 

Dr. Karim developed a new high quantum efficiency X-ray detector based on selenium photoconductor that enables X-ray imaging in compact geometries.

The honorable speaker Karim S. Karim (PhD PEng MBA) is a Professor at the University of Waterloo and the CTO of KA Imaging. He has developed devices, circuits and systems for digital X-ray imaging and trained many professionals.

For the upcoming event DSSE invites renowned professionals and academics to share their ideas through its Public Lecture Series. To get benefit from this innovative lecture register yourself for the forthcoming event at Habib University.