Samsung developed foldable augmented reality glasses

Tech giant Samsung is exploring the possibility of developing foldable augmented reality (AR) glasses that look quite similar to typical glasses, but have thicker frames to accommodate the device’s electronic components.

Samsung developed foldable augmented reality glasses

In the initial stages of patent Samsung application, the eyepiece automatically switches on every time it is unfolded.

As long as one of the eyepiece’s temples is unfolded, the glass’s projector which is mounted on the temple will beam images on a small display which is placed over the wearer’s FOV (field of view).

To ensure that the device doesn’t accidentally turn off if the user turns their head wrong, the company may be utilizing magnetic sensors that make sure the glasses remain in the unfolded position until the user manually folds them.

However, there is a real possibility that the Samsung patent application may never go through, so Samsung hasn’t discussed the exact components they intend to utilize.

In case it does go through, they cited ARM-based processors as an example of the kind of tech the device Samsung might use. So the new patent product will be vastly different from the existing one as its working on the emergent high-tech ideas ” the augmented reality” through foldable glasses.