Mental health always a prevalent issue worldwide

Mental health has always been a prevalent issue in Pakistan with the lack of any counter measure or remedy. Mental illness usually is a result of absence of recreational and social activities in one’s lifestyle.

Mental health always a prevalent issue worldwide

“Not only mental health, but there’s a surging problem of obesity and cardiovascular diseases in Pakistan due to the same reason,” a health expert added.

A study titled “The relationship between organised recreational activity and mental health” by Gillian Street and Ray James at Mentally Healthy WA Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer Control, Curtin University, Australia is a good example in this regard.

The study concluded that “Participation in recreational groups and socially supported physical activity is shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease”.

It is believed that mental illness afflicts 15 to 35 million adults in Pakistan, which is about 10 to 20 percent of the population. Also, a scientific survey by Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) back in 2018 revealed that 50% percent of Pakistanis fall on the obesity spectrum.

Based on facts finding and research studies, it can be said that introducing a plausible amount of recreational activities in one’s lifestyle improves their mental and physical health expeditiously.

“There are many benefits of recreational activities for mental and physical health. They have a positive effect on every person, while children are key beneficiaries of this activity,” said Inamullah Abdullah, COO of A.A Joyland (Pvt) Ltd., the company which is operating Karachi’s biggest amusement park, Aladin Park.

“Recreational facilities enable youth to rejuvenate and re-freshen themselves up to help them contribute more positively to the society and economy and become a more functioning citizen,” he added.

Meanwhile, a young graduate visiting Superspace, an indoor park at Aladdin, shared her thoughts about the impact of recreational activities on her quality of life.