2019 World Environment Day Marked at IIU, old campus

On every year 5th June World Environment Day is celebrated to create awareness among the communal concerning on environmental issues. This year’s 2019 theme is “Beat Air Pollution”.

Keeping in view the importance of this day, Technology Times in collaboration with International Islamic University (IIU), ICIMOD, FAO, IUCN, and NCPC is celebrating International Environment Day 2019 at IIU, old campus, Faysal Masjid, Islamabad.

To mark the day, interactive panel discussion held on environment theme “Beat Air Pollution”. The honored panelists are Dr.Zaigham Abbas- Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC), Dr. Ibrar Shinwari – IIU, Dr. Faizul Bari
– FAO and Maryum Shabbir – SPDI.

Sayyed Paras Ali, CEO Technology Times moderated the session highlighted the questions concerning what are the preparations of government of Pakistan to achieve this year theme of World Environment Day? And what are the governance issues in management of climate change mitigation? Furthermore, what role media can play to enhance public understanding on air pollution?

Dr. Ibrar Shinwari discussed the academia role in lessening the threatening air pollution. He said that,our students must focus on national indigenous problems while doing research projects instead of opt trendy topics.

He further added, the looming pollution can be reduced if we plant more and more tress in our surroundings. Environment is that vital component through which we can generate and decrease GDP.

Dr. Faizul Bari emphasized on forest mitigation that twenty seven thousand hectares of forest is decreasing in Pakistan every year, and we have to start preserving our existing forests in order to improve the environment.

He further added, FAO’s Chilgoza pine project focuses on the sustainable management of Chilgoza forests in Chitral and districts of KP, leading to the multiple products, services and functions, and reducing Green House Gas Emissions, ultimately improving the atmosphere. Additionally, reducing the use of pesticides, providing alternate energy sources, and the planting of trees, are ways to combat the worsening environment situation.

Dr. Zaigham Abbas discussed the government initiatives to beat the vigorously spreading air pollution. Climate ministry makes policy draft to combat the ruin.

He said that ministry allocate funds for research projects that deals with the climatic change, environment protection. Furthermore, he highlights that air quality monitoring stations are functional to grip the polluted environment and plantation drive is on its way to save the environment.

Maryum Shabbir highlights the SDPI environment and climate change vision. She talks about the core component behind the air pollution.

She stated that “Health directly impacted by air pollution.The worst kind of bad environment is ‘Indoor’ air pollution like the sprays used for cleaning purposes, carpets these caused serious breathing problems. According to World Bank stats Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad are the most polluted city.

The sum-up of the discussion marks that everyone’s responsibility is to play role in combating the worsening environment by planting trees, reduction in vehicular emissions, adopting high-tech air quality monitoring stations, most significantly we can bring change to the environment by avoiding Indoor air pollution.

After the panel discussion, many participants including Maha, Zafar Iqbal, Jamal ud-din, Dr.Ijaz and kanwal negotiate with the panelists for achieving targeted measurements for the reduction of air pollution.