Prof. Soomro appointed as LAMAP, France committee member

Prof. Manzoor Hussain Soomro, President ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) has been appointed as Member of International Advisory Committee of La main à la pâte Foundation (LAMAP) of France.

Prof. Soomro appointed as LAMAP, France committee member

The role of the committee is to discuss and guide LAMAP for its programmes in France and beyond. It is pertinent to mention that LAMAP has been implementing Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) programme for improving the quality of science and technology teaching in primary and middle schools.

It was initiated by Georges CHARPAK, a Nobel laureate, Pierre Léna and Yves Quéré in 1996. The Foundation’s activities are carried out within France and internationally, providing assistance and professional development for teachers.

Basically, Inquiry based education provides a platform to the students to act like little scientists to discover science laws. Moreover, through IBSE teachers trained to proficiently teach the STEM education.

Considering this, programs are designed to help them implement inquiry-based learning which stimulates a scientific spirit in pupils, understanding of the world and capacities for expression.

Prof. Soomro initiated the program in Pakistan in 2010 and acknowledged by the France government in strengthening Science Culture cooperation between Pakistan and France. Later on, as President ECOSF he launched the program in 2015 from Astana, Kazakhstan and subsequently, has been prolonged in ECO region.

Adding up, Dr. Soomro was awarded the French Republic’s erstwhile award; “Order of Academic Palms” in 2013 for the first time to any Pakistani national. Moreover, a member of Governing Boards and Networks internationally.

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