NASA to open space station for tourists in 2020

NASA disclosed its new plan to open doors of International Space Station (ISS) for tourists by next year in order to boost its offerings to organizations to accelerate a commercial economy in low-Earth orbit.

NASA to open space station for tourists in 2020NASA’s five-part vision is to enable ‘private astronauts to conduct approved commercial and marketing activities on the space station’.

NASA said that it will allow two private astronauts per year to stay up to 30 days each on the space station. However, in order to get to the ISS, the astronauts will have to use a commercial US spacecraft like SpaceX’s or Boeing’s upcoming vehicles.

Also, they have to pay $35,000 per day to cover for NASA’s life support, communications and other expenses.

The Space agency declared that “Providing expanded opportunities at the International Space Station to manufacture, market and promote commercial products and services will help catalyze and expand space exploration markets for many businesses.”