Smartphone app detects child’s illness through cough

New smartphone app developed to detect child’s illness through cough that can be hard , even for a doctor, to distinguish between a cold or something more serious but researchers in Australia were able to reliably pinpoint the cause.

Smartphone app detects child’s illness through coughDr. Paul Porter and Associate Professor Udantha Abeyratne, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia, put together a database of 1,437 cough recordings from 585 children aged 29 days to 12 years old for the application.

So far, the app can recognize pneumonia, asthma, bronchiolitis, croup, and general lower respiratory tract disease with accuracy ranging from 81 to 97 percent in a child’s cough.

“It can be difficult to differentiate between respiratory disorders in children, even for experienced doctors,” Porter said. “This study demonstrates how new technology, mathematical concepts, machine learning and clinical medicine can be successfully combined to produce completely new diagnostic tests.”

The technology used in the app is similar to speech recognition systems, and the researchers involved have big dreams for their new reliable app.

They’re creating it with the hope that this revolutionary medical app will help parents who live in more remote areas that lack nearby medical facilities, and even doctors who are remotely consulting their patients.

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